21.08.2014 Nadiia Lintsova

How we do cool researches


We prepare a research proposal in 2 days or suggest another agency


In 5 days we study Client’s goals and objectives, and then transform them into relevant tools


We need 6 days for recruiting focus group participants in any location around Ukraine, including villages. We recruited 270 interviewers and 20 researchers to conduct the 2014 exit poll for the most demanding government authority


Here work only those researchers who are interested in a Client’s brand, product or service. Our moderators have conducted focus groups in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus and Russia, and managed joint research projects with Poland and LithuaniaWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


The entire analytical research team delivers a report as the outcome of its work zithromax pills buy online. Usually 10 days are enough for us; however, at least 20 days would be necessary for ethnography and complex analysis of the market


We transform knowledge into solutions through experience. Here work sociologists, psychologists and mathematicians with 4 to 10 years of experience in research on FMCG, Media, Mobile, Finance, Pharma, B2B markets